Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Zbrushing

Finally found the time to play some serious Darksiders (ya I know should have been on this months ago). Really enjoying it, couldn't help trying to imitate the "demonic root like" textures used for the climbable walls. Here is where I am at, planning to add another level and then refine it a bit. Still a ways to go, has been a really fun sculpt, just very tiring :-)


Nick said...

playing Darksiders without me?
how are you even making it through the levels without my game prowess and navigation skills?!

Evan said...

question asked, question answered :-)

Nick said...

it was rhetorical!
The only true answer is that you CAN'T be playing the game without me b/c you have no navigational skills and your prowess is sub-par at best!